Multifunctional object

We have transformed the non-functional spa into a multifunctional object and thus a forgotten, unused building which used to be avoided by people, turned into a lifeful space. A safer and more useful one. Such a space citizens of Bratislava benefit from and where they like to spend their free time.

A more modern
and more functional space

Not only has Central turned into a shopping centre of Bratislava, we have also preserved its original function. We have transformed the old spa into a more modern and more functional centre for relaxation and sport with fitness studio, spa zone and a 25 metres long swimming pool.

lifeful place

Central Shopping
Central Shopping
Central Shopping Center
  • Type: retail
  • Location: Metodova 6 Street, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Office space for renting: 39 000 m2
  • Number of premises: 155
  • Number of parking spaces: 1 300
  • Beginning of construction: 2009
  • Completion of construction: 2012
  • Architectural design: Ateliér Ivan Kubík
Central Shopping Central Shopping Central Shopping Central Shopping

The multifunctional project of CENTRAL undoubtedly enhanced the locality in the wider centre of the city - with services it can offer and also through its well designed and functional architecture. Also for these reasons the Real Estate fund of Tatra banka decided to purchase the administrative part of this asset into its portfolio.

Tatra Asset Management