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Trnavské Mýto underpass
  • Type: underpass with retail and services
  • Location: Trnavské Mýto, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • GLA: 1,458 m2
  • Number of shops: 16
  • Reconstruction started: October 2017
  • Reconstruction ended: August 2018
  • Architect: Ateliér Ivan Kubík

Trnavské Mýto underpass

For Bratislava residents

We feel a natural responsibility towards Trnavské Mýto since we worked on the multifunctional project Central. In our opinion, the revitalisation of the Trnavské Mýto underpass is an excellent example of the cooperation of the capital city officials and a private investor, which benefits primarily the city’s residents and visitors.


cleaned and renovated entrances


with the capital city of Bratislava

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Trnavské Mýto underpass
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Trnavské Mýto underpass
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Trnavské Mýto underpass
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Trnavské Mýto underpass

Multifunctional purpose

In addition to the aesthetic quality, the revitalisation of the underpass brought with it new multifunctional use, barrier-free accessibility and safety. New escalators and lifts, a 24/7 security and CCTV system, new public toilets, services and commercial facilities have been added. In addition to the works inside the underpass, surface works were also carried out to embellish the entire Trnavské Mýto area. These works were mainly aimed at cleaning the surroundings of all 7 entrances, including their renovation, repair of the pavements at Trnavské Mýto, building barrier-free access to tram platforms from the Krížna/Levická stop, restoration of the greenery and renovation of the railings.

Bratislava – Nové Mesto

“I was born just a few steps away and I pass through the underpass on Trnavské Mýto almost every day. I watched it gradually deteriorate and become a dangerous place that people avoided. As mayor, I tried to persuade competent authorities to do something about this terrible state of affairs. I am pleased that today the underpass is once again serving the people and is not only a place where they pass through, but also a place where they can stop and use various services.”

Rudolf Kusý
mayor of the Bratislava – Nové Mesto district


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