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We feel a natural responsibility towards Trnavské mýto since times we have been in charge of the multifunctional project of Central. We think the revitalization of Trnavské mýto subway is an excellent example of cooperation between the capital city and a private investor of which especially the citizens of Bratislava and its visitors take the biggest advantage.

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Except of aesthetic quality, revitalization of the subway brought along a new multifunctional utilization, disabled facilities and safety. New escalators and elevators were added together with security service with 24/7 camera system, new public toilets, services and shops. Except of works done in the subway also works on the surface were performed with the aim of a makeover of the whole Trnavské mýto area. These works were mainly focused of cleaning the surroundings of all the 7 entrances together with their renovation, resurfacing of pavements in the area of Trnavské mýto, construction of barrier free access to the tram platforms from the public transport stop Krížna/Levická or they included maintenance of green landscape and renewal of handrails.

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Podchod Trnavské mýto
Podchod Trnavské mýto
Subway Trnavské mýto
  • Type: subway with retail and services
  • Location: Trnavské mýto, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Spaces for renting: 1 458 m2
  • Number of premises: 16
  • Beginning of reconstruction: October 2017
  • Completion of reconstruction: August 2018
  • Architectural design: Ateliér Ivan Kubík
Podchod Trnavské mýto Podchod Trnavské mýto

I was born not far from here; I pass through the subway of Trnavské mýto almost daily. I was observing its gradual decline and how it became a dangerous place people avoided. As the Mayor of Nové Mesto district I attempted to convince some of Bratislava´s mayors to do something with that terrible condition. I am glad the subway again can serve people and it is not only a spot they pass through but also a place where they can stop by and make use of various services.

Rudolf Kusý, Mayor of Nové Mesto district, Bratislava