We have been revealing

the potential
of the city for 20 years

All  what we do,

we do with enthusiasm

Each project involves our enthusiasm for the subject that is visible in details, our relationship to the city also in the future of its citizens.

We create 

new lively places 

and improve the existing ones

When the city stops developing, it turns into coulisses. Only lifeful and functioning spaces are able to motivate us and fill us with positive energy.

We want people 

to fully take advantage 

of their city

Well-designed cities attract smart people able to develop its potential. Let’s offer them reason to stay in the city even over the weekend.

The multifunctional project of CENTRAL undoubtedly enhanced the locality in the wider centre of the city - with services it can offer and also through its well designed and functional architecture. Also for these reasons the Real Estate fund of Tatra banka decided to purchase the administrative part of this asset into its portfolio.

Tatra Asset Management

We have been successfully operating the Lindner Hotel Gallery Central since 2013. Our national and international guests very much appreciate and enjoy the ideal possibilities of the entire complex and in particular the offers of the numerous shops with direct access from the hotel to the center.

Andreas Knab, General Manager, LINDNER HOTEL GALLERY CENTRAL

I was born not far from here; I pass through the subway of Trnavské mýto almost daily. I was observing its gradual decline and how it became a dangerous place people avoided. As the Mayor of Nové Mesto district I attempted to convince some of Bratislava´s mayors to do something with that terrible condition. I am glad the subway again can serve people and it is not only a spot they pass through but also a place where they can stop by and make use of various services.

Rudolf Kusý, Mayor of Nové Mesto district, Bratislava