Immocap partnered and CEO Martin Šramko spoke at CITY FORUM 2019 – the first year program of the Czech-Slovak professional conference on well-functioning cities.

On 19 June 2019, leading European figures in architecture, land planning, urban policy and social innovation met at Bratislava’s Old Market to discuss how Bratislava, Prague and Brno should develop in the future. The first year of the CITY FORUM 2019 Czech-Slovak professional conference opened a dialogue between all stakeholders who determine future direction and actively participate in urban development. The conference’s content and goal were neatly summarised by its name: How to create a good city. The relatively broad topic of meaningful urban development was divided into four blocks by the conference program, and followed by various workshops.

„In less than a year, we created a public space worthy of the 21st century, in a project that I consider to be an example of constructive cooperation between the city and a private investor.. People can finally use the subway safely with a wide range of services available. We feel a natural responsibility for Trnavské mýto, as nearby Central was our project,” said Peter Lukeš, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Immocap Group.

The subway also has completely new electrics, lighting, water distribution and sewage, air conditioning, floor surfaces, walls and ceilings, stairs, waste collection, discharge pipes, and modern public toilets.

Retail and services

New retail outlets and services also give the subway a fresh new start. Shops include KRAJ grocery, TETA drugs, Dr. MAX pharmacy, ŠEVT stationery, MEDIAPRESS newsagent, KULLA florist, OBUVEX shoe & clothes repair, and FLAMINGO nail studio. Refreshments will be offered at NAGLREITER bakery, MINIT pastries, KAWITCHI cafe, and UGO Freshbar juices. DPB (Bratislava Public Transport) and ZSSK (Slovak Rail) will also have customer centres.

Total subway reconstruction cost was EUR 4.1 million, of which the capital city contributed EUR 1.6 million and Immocap Group EUR 2.5 million.

Trnavské mýto’s appearance was also refreshed, with new greenery, perennial plants, and trees. The council repaired pavements and surfaces, enabled barrier-free access to tram platforms, renovated shelters on tram platforms, and restored traffic signs. It also reduced the number of kiosks and outdoor advertising. The capital city invested EUR 450 thousand in these improvements. 

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