Bratislava – 8. 3. 2023: The long-neglected area at Bratislava’s Trnavské mýto will see a major transformation into a vibrant multi-functional district featuring a state-of-the-art cultural and congress center, thanks to a partnership between Immocap, a leading local development company and top urbanists and architects from Rotterdam-based KCAP and Cityförster studios.

The New Istropolis district as a flagship project by Immocap will showcase the best practices of Dutch urbanism and sustainability. The partnership between Slovak developer and Dutch urbanists from KCAP a Cityförsterbolo oficiálne spečatené v roku 2019 a zatiaľ čo projekt Nový Istropolis rýchlo napreduje s prípravami, obe strany sa teraz zaviazali dodržiavať najvyššie štandardy rozvoja so zameraním na energetickú efektivitu, udržateľnosť a ekologické riešenia.

“Immocap has been uncovering Bratislava´s potential for more than 27 years, revitalizing numerous neglected locations We are determined to create quality spaces for life, work, culture and leisure. Our top priority is to maintain an innovative edge and responsible approach toward the environment. I am thrilled we have top partners from Netherlands helping us transform the former Trade Union site into the city’s new landmark”, said Martin Šramko, CEO of Immocap.

source: IMMOCAP

Energy efficiency and green solutions embedded in the Memorandum of Understanding

Together with KCAP and Cityförster, Immocap publicly commits in the Memorandum of Understanding to strive to implement the following into Bratislava´s future iconic project:

  • – The use of sustainable materials and circular economy principles
  • Water conservation and management


  • – Developing complex energy efficiency systems ensuring ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment


  • Using smart solutions ensuring a cost-effective value on energy
  • – Striving for carbon neutrality


  • – Collaborate to developcost-effective and environmentally friendly modular constructions


  • Promote an increase in use of greenery for interior and exterior spaces

With the New Istropolis project the Dutch studio KCAP presents itself in Slovakia for the first time, delivering on their reputation as one of the world’s top urbanists and architects, responsible for creation of public spaces such as HafenCity in Hamburg. Cityförster is an international studio with a portfolio of projects around the world. Both studios are among the European leaders in urban planning.

source: IMMOCAP

„We are very happy that we are raising ambitions of this project and can help to make it a future proof investment. Since we started the project, three years ago, legislation and especially awareness for climate change and sustainable development have risen significantly and we expect and hope that to continue. We are happy that our expertise in this topic is valued and we can support Immocap in maintaining their edge in this area“, said Martin Sobota, partner at Cityförster.

About New Istropolis

A former Trade Union House used in the past for Communist Party rallies was acquired in 2017 by development company Immocap in a a public tender overseen by EY.

The new Istropolis Project will transform the long-decaying space into a coherent and vibrant multifunctional city center with a modern cultural and congress center as its dominant feature.

The new district full of greenery, public spaces and art will become a quality space for life, work, culture and leisure.

source: IMMOCAP

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